Common Uses

Rice hulls, a recycled resource, have many current and potential uses.  Rice hulls are used as a fiber source, premix, and pellet binder in the animal feed industry.  Rice hulls are currently used in composite materials as fiber in injection molding and extrusion processes.  Rice hulls have been used as a carrier and extender for other products as well.  Additionally, rice hulls are a great substitute for products containing wood fiber, wood flour, or wood shavings.

RHSP offers several grinds of rice hulls to our customers in an effort to fit all their rice hull needs.  Our premium products are sieve tested daily for consistency to meet guaranteed specifications.  We currently produce the following grinds: Feed Grade, 20/80, 30/80 and minus 80.  For those needing organic rice hulls, we offer organic 20/80 ground rice hulls in totes.

Below is an example of industries that have used rice hulls:

  • Animal Feed
  • Medicated Animal Feed
  • Extruded Lumber
  • Auto Industry
  • Oil Field Drilling
  • Coal Mining
  • Steel Producing
  • Polishing
  • Anti-caking Agent
  • Pressing
  • Glue Extender
  • Insulation
  • Soil Amendments
  • Animal Bedding (Poultry)
We are continually searching for new innovative uses for rice hulls, and we are currently working with organizations worldwide to explore new ideas.  Give us a call or send us an email, we can help.